What is a Foundation Challenger?

To encourage participation in the NHS Foundation and plan for the Spring Gala, the Foundation “challenges” parents and community members to support NHS financially. When you accept a “Challenge,” you agree to raise $1,000 through a personal tax-deductible donation to the Foundation or to solicit outside donations or Gala ticket sales totaling $1,000.

Being A Challenger Has Its Benefits

You Receive:

Set of Gala Tickets
Recognition on Website
Recognition at Gala
Appreciation Event
Community Recognition

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Current Challengers

Rachel and Toby Anderson
Christy and Johnny Andrews
Lyn and Will Bishop
Lindsay and Andrew Brereton
Jennifer and Jeff Brown
Marcia and Rob Catterall
Jenny and Bob Chapin
Jennifer and Eric Craig
Amanda and Keith Credendino
Cherlon Mathias-Day and Jason Day
Jennifer and Ty Dealy
Carrie and Jed DeLong
Meg and Brian Edwards
Tiffany and David Ellner
Gretchen and Bobby Gartin
Sandy and David Greenstein
Stacy and Bill Grogan
Elizabeth and Paul Gross
Suzanne and David Grosswald
Lisa and Kevin Hallam
Ellen and John Hamrick
Stephanie and Tye Hanna
Kim and Bill Hartselle
Cindy and Wade Hatcher
Karen and Keith Hendrix
Kara and Bryan Herron
Meredith and Scott Hilton
Shannon and Michael Howe
Laura and Dave Huffman
Kim and Mike Janis
Tina and Russ Little
Kim and Gerry Lowe
Jan and Aaron Lupuloff
Jordan and Eric Mai
Maureen McIvor and Eric Christ
Jodi and David McMahon
Elizabeth and Jesse McMillan
Tracy and Pat O'Leary
Deanna and Stephan Oster
Tia Owens-Parker and Anthony Parker
Harris Patel
Alice and Nicholas Perrins
Susan and Mike Petrik
DeeDee and Eric Portman
Tara and Richard Ryan
Stephanie and Phil Sadd
Jessica and Kevin Sapough
Erin and Mark Scalese
Marsha and Adam Shapiro
Jennifer and Hank Skurpski
Bettina and David Smalley
Meredith and Kevin Smith
Taylor and Andy Sword
Frequently Asked Questions

When can I donate my Challenge?

You can donate your Challenge from Registration Day until end of March. On registration day, you can pay your Challenge online as part of the registration process. The Mypaymentsplus will have a drop down box for the Foundation. Click on it, select your Challenge level, and make your payment.
You can also mail a check payable to NHS Foundation for Excellence, 5300 Spalding Dr, Norcross, GA 30092.

Is my Gala Challenge tax-deductible?

IRS rules require we provide Fair Market Value of a ticket.
Your donation minus the fair market value of the tickets is deductible, but please check with your tax advisor.

If I have leftover tickets, what do I do with them?

Please give them to someone who would like to support Norcross High School by attending the Gala and making a donation to the Foundation by purchasing bricks.

How many tickets will be sold to the Gala?

We anticipate only selling a limited number of tickets to non-NHS staff and dignitaries.
Challengers will receive their tickets first.

Can I donate shares of stock?

Yes, if you would like to donate shares of stock to the Foundation, please contact the Foundation Treasurer

Be sure to check with your employer for matching contributions. 

Please visit Donate page if you wish to donate shares of stock.

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